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Boat hull decorated with

Iridescent TuningFilm

Upper gallery Total covering

with IMAGin WW 100 PRO & JT 5829 series P

Facade covering Westfield Shopping Centre


Join us at www.mactac-creative-awards.com

Mactac Creative Awards What s that?

The Mactac Creative Awards is a competition open to all professionals

using Mactac products willing to display their creations. Submitted projects that

are posted on the Mactac Creative Awards collaborative platform stay open to the

votes for a few weeks. Voters are given by a professional jury and by the general public.

Who can register and compete? Any candidates who have used Mactac adhesive film to carry out one or more projects in the areas of interior and exterior decorating, visual communication, vehicle wrapping (cars, motorcycles, lorries, trains, buses, airplanes, helicopters, etc.), boat wrapping, etc.

Once registered on the Mactac Creative Awards website, each professional candidate will have a space dedicated to their business. Submitted projects can also be viewed in this space. It will be your dedicated space to showcase your work and connect with potential clients.

Why should I submit a project to Mactac Creative Awards? To increase your visibility, boost your reputation, and grow your customer base. There are so many reasons to register and highlight your achievements!

Once you register, you will have a dedicated space for your business, a space to which every visitor to the site will have access.

This space, a real company profile , will hold your company's full contact details as well as a contact button that allows any interested visitor to get in touch with you.

Whether they have been awarded a prize or not, all the projects you upload to the Mactac Creative Awards website will be and will remain visible in your company profile.

Being present on the Mactac Creative Awards website means taking advantage of a dedicated space window that is out of the ordinary to showcase your work, your skills, liaise with your community and develop your customer base.

To the heights of creativity !