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PrintVinyl 800 Grey series With a grey adhesive, the new PrintVinyl 800 Grey Printable media are specially designed for short-term (2 years) promotional or events applications, requiring excellent opacity. Page 16

MacPoly 900 series New polymeric printing films, specially adapted for flat or curved (2D) surfaces, have an outdoor durability of 5 years. Page 25

IMAGin DecoSilky, an adhesive textile DecoSilky brings a woven appearance to digital prints which is particularly sought after in interior decorating. It is perfect for creating top-of-the-range wall coverings. Page 55

The micro-textured B-Free adhesive technology has been extended to the entire Mactac range B-Free micro-textured adhesive technology for a perfect application of your decoration in record time (dry application). The micro-texture of the channels drawn in the adhesive is so small as to be invisible on the surface, guaranteeing a perfectly smooth surface appearance. You can find this technology available for our monomeric (JT 5829 B-Free), polymeric (JT 5929 B-Free, JT 5999 B-Free & JT 5529 B-Free) Printable media & our coloured frosted (GlassDecor 798-01 B-Free) and printable (JT 5798 B-Free & JT 5796 B-Free) films.

WallCHALKER™, the Blackboard effect WallCHALKER™ film transforms your substrates

into veritable expression surfaces ! Its grainy finish is particularly suitable for writing with

solid chalk as well as with liquid chalk markers to produce original and creative messages! Page 66

GlassDecor 598-03 GlassDecor 598-03 is a translucent polymeric film that creates a frosted glass effect when applied

to glass. Specially treated to ensure an even translucent colour. Page 42

Velvet Grey & Green TuningFilms The Velvet series, with a velvet texture, includes 2 new colours, TF Velvet Grey & TF Velvet Green. Designed for producing coverings for vehicles,

furniture, or top-of-the-range lettering, these films also have slip-proof (floorgraphics) and sound-proof

properties. Page 28

MACdot 128 & MACdot 199 Easy application « With Dot s, That s All! » With its textured, removable adhesive in the form of dots, MACdot 128 and MACdot 199 films

allow printed decors to be created. Very easy to apply and remove, ideal for temporary

communications on smooth flat surfaces. Page 15

Easy 209 P With its 200µm thickness, the IMAGin Easy 209 P printing medium is ideal for creating easy to apply adhesive kits. Its permanent opaque (grey) adhesive also allows existing markings to be

covered up. Page 16