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Indoor decoration Coloured films

MACal 8900 Pro

High performance removable adhesive

Features: ■ 70 µm monomeric calendered vinyl.

■ High performance removable adhesive.

Advantages: ■ The largest range of matt colours for the interior

decoration market (68 matt colours) with the Designer series which contains 16 trendy matt colours, very sought after in interior decoration: Oasis (Olive green), Silk grey (taupe grey), Blue Grey, Mocha, Baby Doll Pink, etc.

■ High-performance removable adhesive that leaves no residue on the surface.

■ M1 certified according to NF P 92-501.

Applications: MACal 8900 Pro films can be applied on most wall surface (including painted walls) and can be easily cut to create decorative patterns (home stickers).

Generally speaking, the MACal 8900 Pro range is intended for indoor and outdoor applications on flat surfaces (decorating walls, furniture, glass, etc.).

Outdoor durability: 3 years (colours). 4 years (black and white).

Designer™ series colours:

Indoor/outdoor decoration Printable media

.ase .xml

All of the colours can be downloaded from our website for Photoshop, Indesign, CorelDraw, and other software (ase and xml format).