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The good weather is back, the holidays are getting close and the call of the sea is becoming irresistible for boating fans.  
Even if you've been very busy all winter, this is also a busy time for you professionally as now is the time boat owners choose to check if their little gem doesn't need a few coats to cover any signs of ageing. They maybe even want a complete make-over. In any case, they're going to be calling on your know-how.

Whether you're a professional applicator or a workshop boss, wrapping boats with graphics and Mactac adhesive films is child's play!

Follow the guide:

Step 1: Choose your adhesive film

Go to our 100% interactive catalogue to choose from the wide range of suitable products.

Step 2: Prepare the surface to be covered

  • Clean it up: take off any removable material and equipment so as to make your work easier.
  • Get rid of any little dents and make appropriate repairs so that the hull is as smooth as possible.
  • Clean thoroughly using solvent so that the area to be dressed is impeccable.

Step 3: Apply the adhesive film

  • Apply the film from the center of the boat towards the bow, then to the stern (Mactac TuningFilms are for application above the waterline)
  • Heat the film with a heat gun on the convex and concave surfaces so as to marry it perfectly to the shape of the hull.



Step 4: Polish up the details



  • Cut the film meticulously following the contours.
  • Check it all and replace the equipment which you removed to perform the operation.
  • Seal the contours edge-to-edge for a perfect finish.




Step 5: Finishing touches



  • Use MACal 9800 products over the TuningFilm for marking and identifying your boat.
  • Wait 24 hours before putting the boat in the water.






Increase the life of the adhesive film on the areas where there is a lot of friction by applying Mactac ShieldLam transparent protective films and laminates.

We recommend cleaning the whole hull with neutral pH soap and water after each trip to sea.

Apply wax whenever it seems necessary.





Removal of the film is a key element of any work, especially for the customer for whom the removal time costs money. The more time it takes to remove the film, the more the customer has to pay for the work.


A cheap application may seem worth while but if the removal of the film takes an eternity, the overall cost will clearly outweigh the benefit. The unique formulation of Mactac TuningFilms makes them easy and efficient to remove.


Note that it is preferable to remove the film following the recommendations on durability of the film.