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The new Tuning Film TF 900 FlexChrome matt range is a real revolution in the world of vehicle dressing. Available in 10 colours, these chrome-finish films offer a final rendition rich in shades and depth, whose flexibility is unequalled in the market.

A matt effect with multiple advantages


After several months of development, Mactac is launching a range of chrome-finish wrapping films with a sparkling and sophisticated matt appearance. FlexChrome adhesives offer 3 main advantages:


1.     They considerably reduce the effect of glare in very bright conditions,

2.     Their finish is less subject to scratching, compared to a glossy finish,

3.     Small imperfections on the surface are camouflaged, unlike high gloss films.


This new range of products has another big advantage: its flexibility. Unlike other chrome-finish films currently on the market, TF FlexChrome 900 films easily follow the shape of curved surfaces. Cutting is only necessary in very concave parts.


In addition, the bubble-free adhesive, recently modified so as to be more easily re-positionable, allows air bubbles to be rapidly eliminated on all mounting surfaces such as cars, motorbikes, boat hulls (above the waterline), and even furniture...


An unequalled appearance which won't go unnoticed

Compared to other regular dressing films for vehicles available on the market, the FlexChrome hues are richer, more sparkling, and deeper.  Any change in the light induces a new colour shade which makes your vehicle unique.

And that is not all: discover the effects of the TF 900 FlexChrome  on video. It will definitely turn heads!


You will notice that creativity has no limits with FlexChrome products. In fact, a multitude of original creations can be fashioned by combining several techniques: cutting and pairing colours, printing, etc.


One of our German customers has succeeded in making use of the whole potential offered by this range of adhesives by totally re-dressing their vehicle:




The Mactac Creative Awards bring FlexChrome to the fore


For this end of year, a Special Award shall be added to Mactac Creative Awards: the “New Product of the year Award”, rewarding the best work done using TF 900 FlexChrome.


Want to participate? Here are the terms in order to be eligible:

- submit a project which uses FlexChrome matt films to the Mactac Creative Awards,

- Achieve a minimum of 70% of favourable votes, i.e. a Bronze medal.


You’re an applicator, graphic artist, or specialist in adhesive film laying? Submit your latest creation using the new TF 900 FlexChrome films from Mactac and try to win the Special Award in the Mactac Creative Awards! Hurry! And don’t forget to get your friends and your network involved to support your creation.



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