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CrystalProtect 150


The smart choice to win the battle against stone chip damage!

CrystalProtect 150 consist of a Polyurethane (PU) film coated on one side with a permanent acrylic adhesive.

Automotive and aerospace industry: specially designed to reduce stone chipping and insect damage on painted surfaces. Excellent for protecting helicopter or airplane screws, car underbodies and side mirrors, spoilers, rocker panels, etc.

Offers equal protection on new or used vehicles when applied to fully cured painted surfaces.

CrystalProtect 150 meet major car manufacturers' automotive specification guidelines.

  • Ultra Clear and highly resistant to UV,
  • Nearly invisible, it does not alter vehicle appearance.
  • Resistant to abrasion and weathering,
  • Fast and easy installation, very flexible
  • Stone Chip Protective film is also available on request in other thicknesses (50, 100, 300 & 400µ).



    CrystalProtect 150Polyurethane film 150µ coated on one side with a permanent acrylic adhesive.PolyurethaneSolvent based pure acrylic

    mat PET 75 µ

    150 µ200 µ
    CrystalProtect 150 NCSpolyurethane film 150µ coated on one side with a permanent acrylic adhesive, produced with a 75µm mat PET siliconized filmic liner and presented without its casting sheetPolyurethaneSolvent based pure acrylic

    mat PET 75 µ

    150 µ200 µ