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Dull white

C.I.P. T.C.: Computer Imprintable Polyester.Top-coated polyester film with good resistance to ageing and good opacity.
Available in Silver (4568), White (6028) - (UL approved) and Dull clear. Suitable for any variable data, serial number, bar-codes, product coding, etc...(imprintable). Labels where a long life is required such as electrical appliances, instruction panels, nameplates etc

CIP 6028 UL MP312N Century 8 WhiteTop-coated dull white polyester film, dimensionally stable, with good resistance to ageing and good opacity.Dull whitePermanent acrylic transparent solventGlassine PaperThermal Transfer, Screen, Offset, Letterpress, Gravure, FlexoUL; Contact with foodstuffsClick here to receive a A4 sample