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Medical tapes


Mactac offers two ranges of medical hypoallergenic adhesives, AcrysureTM and SilkTM, designed to reach the best results in terms of adhesion efficiency and patient comfort. Both adhesives can be coated to any of our medical carriers according to your requirements. Mactac offers various carriers : Foams (PE), Films (PET, PE? PVC, PU) and non-woven's.



AcrysureTM provides a reliable technology with growing applications since more than 25 years. With an expanded range of capabilities in adhesion, breathability and functionality, AcysureTM is designed for disposable electrodes, wound care, surgical drapes, transdermal drug delivery devices, and more. It is ideal for extended wear applications.

SilkTM Systems are a new range formulated for today's disposable electrodes, wound care devices, surgical drapes, and much more, they provide the widest range of adhesion capabilities from low surface energy to high surface energy applications. SilkTM is available in Soft Touch, General Purpose, and Extra Strength formulations. It can easily be tailored to meet your exact specifications for tack, peel, shear and skin adhesion.



Both Mactac Medical adhesive ranges have been Bio-compatibility tested according to ISO 10993-5/-10 standards. All our medical sefl-adhesive products are sterizable Gamma end EtO.


More details about the main applications of Mactac medical tapes.

Medical Tape 8374Cross linked 1 mm polyethylene foam coated on one side with a latex free synthetic elastomer adhesiveLatex free, synthetic elastomer adhesivesuper calendered kraft paper1 mm50 µ
Medical Tape 9479 EURSpunlaced polyester coated on one side with MP594 acrylic based, hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive. Designed for use as a breathable medical tape : TENS and stress electrodes plus protective pads and coversAcrylic

super calendered kraft paper

80 gr/m²355-455 µ