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The PERMACOLOR system is a series of pressure-sensitive products used for protecting in the graphic industries. It provides fast, efficient processing through roll lamination techniques without the need for heat or drying.

MACtac laminate films retard colour fade caused by ultraviolet (U.V.) light exposure and do not influence the pH level of the substrate to which it is applied.

PG 7075Clear Gloss PET, 75 µmClearGlossClear5 years3 years
PG 7092Clear Gloss PET, 175 µmClearGlossClear5 years3 years
PG 7036Clear Gloss PET, 36 µmClearGlossClear5 years3 years
PG 7036 PROClear Gloss PET, 36 µmClearGlossClear5 years
LUV 703636µ high gloss polyester film coated on one side with a clear solvent acrylic pressureClearHigh glossClear5 years3 years