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MACtac now offer a range of high performance self-adhesive mounting tapes designed for the flexographic printing industry. the MACflexo tapes feature high performance and properties that allow printers to make long and trouble-free printing runs.





Compatibility with several substrates

MACtac  MACflexo is suitable with most types of cylinders and plates : steel, plastics, rubber, etc ..


Time saving at mounting and dismantling steps

MACflexo foams are easy and quick to install. They feature a low initial tack allowing easy repositioning at the mounting stage.

Thanks to the characteristics of their liners, the MACflexo foams permit a bubble-free application of the tape on the cylinder.

Plate dismounting is clean and fast: no residue left on the cylinder nor on the plate.


Faster and longer production runs

With a high final tack, MAFlexo foams guarantee excellent plate adhesion and allow for high speed long runs with no edge-lifting .

The consistent compression properties of the MACflexo mounting tapes also allows users to achieve trouble-free long runs.


High resistance to various materials
MACflexo mounting tapes are resistant to water, detergents and alcohol.