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TagProtect Clear

Tag Protect Clear "Easy to Protect & Clean"; maybe one of the most original yet professional solution to fight graffiti's ! 

MACtac proposes an innovative anti-graffiti conformable film that protects cities and companies assets by acting as a barrier against graffiti's : TagProtect Clear "Easy to Protect & Clean".

TagProtect Clear is a transparent 200µ film that conforms to the surfaces on which it is applied and provides an immediate protection right after application (neither drying nor curing time needed).

Thanks to its well-thougt technical specifications, TagProtect Clear offers an environment friendly (does not emit solvent) and a safe solution for applicator. 

TagProtect Clear is the ideal solution to protect building and retail facades, street furniture's, modular consruction units.
TagProtect Clear comes with a 3 years warranty. 
The film comes in 4 finishes to be esthetically nearest to the initial surface : glossy (329), sand glossy (329 S), satin (324), sand matt (328 S).
12 good reasons for a unique solution : Multiple-substrates compatible, easy, quick, safe, qualitative, aesthetic, immediately effective, environmental friendly, VOC free, cost effective cleaning, durable, Made in UE !
We recommend removing graffiti on TagProtect Clear with TagAway, a biodegradable cleaning gel developed for TagProtect Clear.
Refer to TagProtect Clear TDS, application guide and leaflets for further details.

TagProtect Clear 329Glossy finish polymer 200µTransparentGloss10 years3 years
TagProtect Clear 329 SSand glossy finish polymer 200µTransparentSand glossy10 years3 years