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Gloss clear

MACthene T.C.: Labels for squeezable bottles and cans (e.g. : H.D.P.E.) such as for shampoo, toiletries and food packaging.

CAST PE T.C.: Top-coated cast polyethylene film. Excellent conversion and application properties.For the production of labels mainly used in the food and toiletries industries.

Top-coated polyethylene film with good conversion and application properties.

MACthene 1099 TC MP710N Century 6 HD WhiteGloss clear top-coated polyethylene film with a print receptive acrylic top-coatingGloss clearPermanent rubber hot meltGlassine PaperThermal Transfer, Screen, Offset, Letterpress, Gravure, FlexoContact with foodstuffsClick here to receive a A4 sample