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The European winners are:

European Prize Winner for the most surprising, innovative and original project:

The Keyboard Group (UK)


This realisation won the innovative prize, thanks to the complex combination of plotter cut vinyls, printed images and the dynamic use of LED lighting. By using software to control the lighting, the LED network running through the image is programmed to give a pulse effect. The result is a stunning visual impression of blood travelling through the body from one side of the window through to the other.

This impressive job has been achieved with a combination of 6 different layers of vinyl and LED:

Vinyl applied to inside of glass

  • 1. Printed IMAGin Printvinyl 828 R White à Printed on outside face of glass for clear (stand out effect) of the logo
  • 2. Printed IMAGin Printvinyl 899 R clear à Reverse printed image
  • 3. MACal 8900 pro White àto give the printed image definition and depth
  • 4. MACal Glass Décor à diffuse edges and soften backlighting
  • 5. MACal 8900 pro Black à as a mask for the backlighting
  • 6. MACal 8900 pro Red à for solid red glow

Vinyl applied on outside of glass

Printed IMAGin Printvinyl 828 R White

(Products: MACmark 8900 Pro + MACmark Glass Decor + IMAGin Printvinyl 828 R + IMAGin Printvinyl 899 R)  

European Prize Winner for the most technically challenging application:

Abiway (France)


The tympanum and the steles of the old cathedral of Rieux-Volvestre have been decorated for a summer festival. WW100 conformable wall film was chosen not only because of its ability to conform and adhere perfectly to the difficult porous stone wall surfaces but also due to its superior removability. To obtain authorization from the local municipality, the customer had to prove that the application would not damage this historic building. WW100 completely respected the required brief offering striking images that blended into the sculpted stone surfaces and perfect removable performance. (Products: IMAGin WW 100)

European Prize Winner for the best non-promotional interior design:

Ines Hock  (Germany):


Multi-coloured shapes printed onto white and clear are applied to the windows of a canteen. These images capture the sunlight and make a dazzling interior decorative application. MACtac JT 5000 Series offers an optimum print surface to create crisp, clean colours and images.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5829 R + IMAGin JT 5899 R)

European Prize Winner for the most monumental project:

Icon Display Ltd (UK)


An insurance company was able to turn a sea container's house and national theatre into giant captivating billboards. The campaign invited customers to send in their pictures to be displayed on buildings.

WW100 conformed seamlessly into the different building surfaces and JT 5817 One Way Vision Film was applied to windows to prevent the outside view being obstructed.

(Products: IMAGin JT 5817 P + IMAGin WW 100)

European MACtac special mention:

Judy Foote Designs (UK)


The use of Glass Décor and coloured transparent films creates a lively atmosphere in the reception area of Prince Charles Hospital. The design is inspired by the local landscape ( Wales) and MACtac's Glass films simulate the  effect of sandblasted and stained glass.

(Products: MACmark Glass Decor 798-02 + MACmark MACcrystal 8400 Pro)

The Regional winners are

First prize

Heinemans Totaalreclame (Netherlands)


These giant silos are completely wrapped in vinyl and turned into an innovative advertising billboard for Calve Peanut Butter. The giant jars took 6 men 3 days to wrap and MACtac was relied on for its consistent reliable converting and ease of application.

(Products: IMAGin JT 5929 PM + IMAGin LF 3499 + IMAGin LF 3999)

2nd Prize

Créaset s.a. (Belgium)Description:
Giant metal letters form the word "WELCOME" and are displayed at the entrance to The Atomium in Brussels. Each letter relates to a part of Belgium history from 1830 when Belgium became an independent country. JT5829P offers a high white point for cleaner colours and a wider colour gamut during printing ensuring stunning visuals and text.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5829 P + IMAGin LF 3998)


3rd Prize
Créaset s.a.(Belgium)
This 17 meter bus shelter is completely transformed into an interactive kiosk to promote mobile banking. MACsceen is printed with realistic graphics to replicate the outside of a bank and with the use of lighting provides an effective day and night promotion.

(Product: MACscreen 8129)


1st PRIZE: Colorart SIA (Latva)

This taxi fleet is completely wrapped in green MACfleet coloured vinyl. The superior conformability of MACfleet and its ability to remain in position allows the taxis to look as if they have been painted. MACfleet ensures the uniformity of the taxi company's corporate identity and allows any vehicle to be quickly adapted to the fleet.

(Products: MACmark MACfleet 6549-24)

2nd PRIZE: Top Tipo Bt. (Hungary)

The glass panels and doors of an office interior is used to highlight the strengths and services of the company. The clever use of cut-out translucent Glass Decor film and plotter cut letters in opaque vinyl, give a subtle message while retaining the luminosity of the rooms.

(Product: MACmark Glass Decor 798-01)


3rd PRIZE: Neon Sign Kft. (Hungary)

Description :
The simple use of MACmark coloured film in two grey tones create a simple yet inviting atmosphere at the entrance of this workshop.

(Product: MACmark 8289-02 Pro + MACmark 8289-04 Pro)


1st PRIZE: ATC Groupe (France)

Description :
Over 900M2 of the walls, ceiling and floor in the interior of this ex-sugar refinery have been decorated with the unique abstract art of the renowned Chinese artist Tsang Kin Wah. With ceilings 27M high and 12M in diameter using a film that was both easy to apply and would adhere strongly to the interior surfaces was critical with such a monumental application. WW100 offered perfect conformability and adhesion for such a technically challenging application.

(Products: IMAGin WW 100)


2nd PRIZE: Faits d'Images (France)

Description :
An outstanding original wall decoration with high quality "trompe-l'œil" images were applied on a triangular structure to give an interesting effect to traditional wall graphics. MACtac Bubble Free film gives a smooth bubble free finish to these impressive graphics.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5929 MBF + IMAGin LF 3998).

3rd PRIZE: Faits d'Images (France)

The walls of this art gallery have been completely covered with an abstract design inspired by the artist's paintings. MACmark black vinyl has been plotter cut to create this striking pattern. Coated with a removable adhesive the art gallery walls can be restored at any time.

(Product: MACmark 8989-00 Pro).

1st PRIZE: Neon Kindler GmbH (Germany)

Description :
From the ground floor car park to the suspended ceiling, the entire decoration of this big shopping centre in Weiterstadt (Germany) has been entrusted to Neon Kindler GmbH.
The name of this shopping mall is "LOOP 5" and of course the theme of the interior design can only be airplanes. Walls, balustrades, doors, corridors, shop signs, information boards, escalators, toilets... all are focused on aeronautics. MACtac Glass Décor Film provided interesting visual graphic on the glass and mirrored surfaces

(Products: MACmark Glass Decor 738-00 + MACmark Glass Decor 798-01 ...)

2nd PRIZE: Alpha Sign AG (Switzerland)

Amazing effects on walls and ceilings are created with printed patterns. The imagery gives a complete 3D illusion to the walls, floors and ceiling. WW100 adheres perfectly to the variety of interior surfaces and the use of a matt laminate ensures a non-reflective surface for better viewing of the image.

(Product: IMAGin WW 100 + IMAGin LF 3398).

3rd PRIZE: Achim Zeman (Germany)

Description :
Space is the reflection of our soul. It can be wild, peaceful, massive and powerful. In Düsseldorf, Bonn, museums or hotels, everything seems to indicate this is true.
A simple coloured film is converted to create an astonishing visual.

(Product: MACmark 8948-09 Pro).


1st PRIZE: Assab One (Italy)

Description :
23 Meters of window space in an art gallery has been decorated with an interesting and complex visual. The design has been completely hand cut by the artist on black coloured film. The impeccable cutting and weeding properties of MACmark make this realisation possible and easy to achieve.

(Products: MACmark 9889-00 Pro)


2nd PRIZE: DIFO Lab (Turkey)

Giant-sized shopping bags are positioned in the heart of Istanbul to promote the first opening of a H&M shop in Turkey. A novel alternative to traditional billboard and poster advertising.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5829).


3rd PRIZE: Grammi (Greece)

Simple yet effective. Plotter cut black film completely transforms the atmosphere of the interior walls of a grill room. MACmark delivers attractive gloss silhouettes that can be taken off easily when required thanks to a high performance removable adhesive system.

(Product: MACmark 8989-00 Pro).


1st PRIZE: Baldursson Datadekal AB (Sweden)

Integration of a visual communication in the central hall of a shopping centre. Printing onto clear film gives the image a soft luminous look and takes advantage of the interior lighting conditions.

(Product: IMAGin Printvinyl 899 R).

2nd PRIZE: Baldursson Datadekal AB (Sweden)

Using background light, JT 5728 P translucent and a bright colourful image, a lively atmosphere on this exhibition stand is easily created. The films top sheet offers a radiant image with crisp clean colour reproduction.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5728 P).


1st PRIZE: Contart, Lda (Portugal)

The atmosphere of an indoor swimming pool was transformed using vibrant, fun images. JT5529 P conformed to the wall surface, giving the impression of customized tiles The application in the wet surrounds proved challenging but was made possible with the performance characteristics of JT 5529P's specialised adhesive system.
(Product: IMAGin JT 5529 P).

2nd PRIZE: Laboratoris Color E.G.M. S.A. (Spain)

Description :
This amazing window decoration creates an impressive and inviting welcome for guests at the entrance of this upmarket hotel reception. Printed onto clear film, the interior lights illuminate the colourful images for a truly eye-catching effect.

(Product: IMAGin JT 5999 + IMAGin LF 3999).

3rd Prize   Soluciones Pirez, S.L. (Spain)

Description :
Commuters are completely immersed in this impressive 1000sqm decoration on walls, ceilings, floors and escalators of an underground station in Madrid. The graphics are protected with MACtac PG 7036 Anti-graffiti system

(Products: IMAGin JT 5829 R + Permacolor PG 7036 + Permacolor PF 6100).


1st PRIZE: Onward Display Ltd (UK)

"Colouring The Invisible" by artist Julia Vogl is a large scale installation covering 150 windows of an interior atrium to represent the languages spoken. MACcrystal 8400, in a range of vibrant colours, simulates the effect of stained glass to enhance the artist's visualization.

(Product: MACmark 8400).

2nd PRIZE: McKenzie Clark Ltd (UK)

The "Reuters" offices are decorated in a variety of themes - sport, countries and the future. A variety of MACtac films create dramatic imaging to improve the ambience of the office spaces.
(Products: IMAGin JT 5899 + IMAGin JT 5929).


MACtac Europe would like to thank all the entrants, MACtac distributors, the industry press and members of the jury for making the 2011 MACtac Worldwide Awards another resounding success.