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I am pleased to welcome you to the MACtac world.

I hope to share our passion with you : our passion for what we do, for our industry, for innovation and for our contacts with you.

Men and women have lived the remarkable adventure of MACtac since 1959 when the Company was officially incorporated, with BEMIS faith and financial backing.

Today BEMIS is recognized as one of the largest producers of flexible packaging worldwide and we, at MACtac, are proud to be a leader of the pressure-sensitive industry. That success was achieved not only thanks to our talented staff but also thanks to our dedicated customers serving the industry in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East ,Africa and South America

Through the years, we have emphasized the search for excellence in service, in research and in industrial best practices.

With the development of the global economy, new opportunities open up every day that we are eager to seize with fresh inspirations, new talents and a renewed enthusiasm for customer relationships.

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