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Effortless application


Bubble Free Films

Up to 50% application time saving

The new MACtac‚ revolutionary system makes it possible to offer you a film which is easy to apply and to reposition. Time saved applying the film will therefore save money.

Bubble Free Film Benefits:



Saves up to 50 % in application time

- air bubbles and wrinkles are easily pushed out thanks to the microstructure of the adhesive layer.

- slow adhesion build up makes the film easy to reposition.

- superior adhesion 24 hours after application.

- easy to digitally print

- excellent opacity

- damaged and outdated graphics are easy to remove or replaced.

- cutter not required to pierce bubbles - therefore eliminating risk of damaging car paint.


JT 5829 B-FreeWhite gloss calendered soft vinyl film, 100µm. Monomeric plasticized.WhiteGlossPermanent bubble freeOpaque (grey)4 years
JT 5929 B-FreeWhite gloss calendered soft vinyl film, 70µm. Polymeric plasticizedWhiteGlossPermanent bubble freeOpaque (grey)7 years
JT 5529 B-FreeWhite gloss calendered soft vinyl film, 55µmWhiteGlossPermanent bubble freeOpaque (grey)10 years
JT 5798 B-Free80 µm translucent matt etched & dusted polymeric vinyl filmDustedMattPermanent bubble freeClear5 years
JT 5796 B-FreeGloss clear calendered soft vinyl film 80 µmFrostedMattPermanent bubble freeClear5 years