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Reclosure Tapes for Fresh or dry food bags

MACtac can help you rise to the challenge with reclosure self-adhesives for flexible packaging.

Double sided tapes designed for the reclosing of bags in the Pre-packed (fresh, dry and frozen) food and non food industries.


  • Product freshness is maintained over a longer period,
  • Improved hygiene,
  • Family packs - cost effective,
  • Avoids accidental spillage - cleaner,
  • Limits the need for individual packaging => reduced waste,
  • Reclosure system fixed to packaging - cannot lose it.
  • Added value
  • Easy application for the packaging operative

MACbond B2173thin polyester carrier coated on both sides with an emulsion based pure acrylic adhesive.PolyesterDispersion pure acrylicsiliconized paper white12 µ60 µ
MACbond B1179thin polyester film coated on both sides with a rubber based adhesive presenting high tack and peel propertiesPolyesterRubbersiliconized white paper12 µ50 µ