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Window films for privacy and decoration

Glass is everywhere in modern architecture: windows, doors and sometimes even walls bring in the light at work, at the airport or in the store for example. While natural light is a major benefit, glass also has some flaws. Some of these flaws can be amended by adding window films to your glass surfaces.


Privacy window film

Glass makes rooms look bigger and glass surfaces allow for natural light to shine through of course. The disadvantage: prying eyes are given a blank cheque. By adding privacy window films, you still get the benefits of glass' conductivity of light while avoiding distractions.


Decorative window film

Of course privacy is not the only reason to opt for window films! There are many kinds of decorative window films that can improve the ambience and look of any area.


Window frosting

A popular choice in window films is window frosting. By adding a frosted window film to your glass surfaces you can still let some natural light shine through, while safeguarding your privacy. By adding some decorative window decals (your logo or an inspirational image perhaps?), you can bring the room to the next level.


Stained glass window film

While you might think of a church rather than a modern building, when hearing the mention of stained glass, it is a creative option that can work beautifully in combination with some creative lighting.


Etched glass effect

Another option to bring some creativity to any in- or outdoor glass surface is a window film with an etched glass effect. This kind of window decoration is less intrusive than typical window frosting, while still leaving room for creative design.

Glass Decor 798-01Simulated Etched Glass Films (frosted) - 5 yearsFrostedMattClear5 years
Glass Decor 798-02Simulated Etched Glass Films (dusted) - 5 yearsDustedMattClear5 years
Glass Decor 700Simulated Etched Glass Films (colored) - 5 years5 matt coloursMattClear5 years
Glass Decor 798-01 BFSimulated Etched Glass Film (frosted) - 5 yearsFrostedMattClear5 years